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Classic Call of Cthulhu Campaign


On this page, you will find information regarding the various people of the campaign, both player-characters and Non-player characters. I have not include the exact statistics to keep attention focused on the most important part of the character. Who, not what they are.

Alfonso Antonelli (Player Character)


Alfonso, “Al” to associates, is a small wiry man. He stands about 5’5” tall, weighing in at approximately 120lbs. His hair is black, and slicked down in the fashionable style, and he sports a small trimmed black pencil mustache. He has a longish nose, and slightly tanned and leathered features. Al was born in Rome, and immigrated to the US when he was eight. His early education in Italy was excellent, but after coming to the US his more formal schooling came from life on the streets, like many new Italian-Americans. Without much in the way of formal education, but with a sharp wit and a slick tongue, Al managed to keep ahead of trouble and seem more worldly than he was to his peers. Eventually, he got caught up in a small-time burglary scheme in his teenage years. Al, it seems, did not have the knack, nor temperament, at committing action-oriented felonies. Al turned instead into a shrewd evaluator and negotiator for the ill-gotten merchandise. As the years wore on, Al’s interest in common goods waned as his interest became more focused towards exotic and historical pieces. Eventually, Al broke away from his old group and began to work his own way, dealing in both legal and illegal trade of antiquities. He has a small ‘office’ suite, which doubles as a last-ditch home, a place for his mail, and a storage facility. Alfonso has been a member of the Arkham Historical Society for a few years, and has provided access to several pieces for the Society during his association.

Leah Gyl (Player Character)


Leah is 5’4”, 115lbs with dark brown hair and fair complexion. Leah graduated Vassar College (a private, highly selective, female-only, liberal arts college situated in the town of Poughkeepsie, New York) with a BA in literature. Shortly thereafter she had her first book published. Her books deal with True Crime, stories and information regarding real crimes and events that have taken place. As an author, Leah has already had 3 books published, which has generated a small following, though she has yet to make a sustantial literary breakthrough. Her days are often spent reading and looking for new and interesting stories and crimes about which to write. She is intelligent and independent-minded, and is a big supporter of Women’s Suffrage. Besides her passion for writing and crime investigation, she has a healthy love of jazz music.

Gertrude Heiferviezen (Player Character)


Born in Hamburg, Germany, Gertrude is a dumpy, stocky woman in her 50's with a heavy german accent. She trained as a personal nurse for several wealthy employers before being pressed into service as a field nurse during the Great War on the Western Front. Disquieted by the slaughter during the war, Gertrude, left Germany for the New World, eventually settling in Arkham to work at St. Mary's Teaching Hospital, located on the Miskatonic University campus.

E. Lapham Peabody


Mr. E. Lapham Peabody, 61, has been the Arkahm Historical Society's curator for over 30 years. He is expert in local genealogy. He has also a working knowledge of most of the church and town records, library holdings, historical societies, and graveyards found in the Miskatonic Valley region. Peabody is a valuable ally in research, one quite likely to be willing to help solve a complicated genealogical puzzle.

Nathan Danforth (Deceased)


Silas Winthrop met a local Arkham bibliophile and book dealer, Nathan Danforth, of which they had a mutual appreciation of books. When Danforth learnt of several rare books in Silas’ collection, he knew he just had to see them, smell them, feel them and, of course, buy them. Several negotiation attempts failed. Silas would not sell them nor even show them. Danforth soul became inflamed with each passing day and burned with such an unquenchable desire in obtaining the books he could not wait any longer and so resorted to trying to steal them. Danforth waited for a time when Silas's house was empty before entering, but before he could locate the books he was surprised by Silas who returned home unexpectedly. A scuffle broke out which ended with Silas being pushed down stairs. The fall broke his neck killing him instantly. Scared, Danforth ran off never to return. Poor Silas's body was found two days later by a postman who found the front door slightly ajar…later, Danforth's complicity in Silas's death was uncovered and Danforth was killed in a shoot-out with Arkham police officers.

Elijah Potts


In his eighties, Elijah Potts has cut headstones for Arkham's dead for 60 years. He lives and works in a decaying 17th century house on Boundary Street, across from the cemetery and down the road from the old Bishop place. When he was younger, he carved capitals for the columns of some of the University's ornate buildings. The old man is friendly and reasonably talkative about most subjects and is quite knowledgable concerning stories of old Arkham families and residents.

Bennett Mathers


Born in Boston to a middle-class family, Mathers studied Journalism at Boston University. Following college, Mathers went on to become a freelance writer for the Boston Globe, where he is known for his articles which have become a sort of fandom in Boston, known for their "tabloid journalism" bent and content. Mathers was horribly wounded in the events surrounding the Unnamable and has retired from the public eye.

Detective Thomas F. Malone


A large, robust, normal-featured, and capable-looking man with short brown hair and dark eyes. Malone's family moved from Ireland to Arkham with his family when was only five years old to work as a police officer with the Arkham Police Department. From a young age, Malone had been somewhat of a bookish intellectual, enjoying reading such literary greats as Frost and Dickinson. However, his father, Dermot, was gunned down during a bungled robbery attempt when Malone was only seven years old. After his father's death, Malone's family, including his mother and two younger sisters, lived in poverty and sorrow which greatly contributed to his turning away from intellectual pursuits and into darker directions. This new reflection was no doubt morbid but he also developed a keen logic and deep sense of humour. Malone joined the Arkham police force when he was 20 years old and quickly rose through the ranks , making detective by the time he was 26. Though he has a strong sense of justice and honesty, Malone's dark impressions of the world have developed even more so. After years of witnessing brutal crimes and working on grim cases, he has lost much of his enthusiasm for his work. Detective Malone has been ordered to tail Mr. Antonelli and his accociates in hopes of uncovering the strange disappearance of Officer Simon Angel and three other Arkham police officers.

Arthur Tilton


Bookish- looking younger man with wire-rimmed glasses. Tilton writes for the New York Daily News and is well-known in literary circles for his form of 'yellow journalism'. The particular style is sensationalistic, even scandalous, and has been dubbed by many in his profession as 'not quite libel'. He tends to write in a manner of biased opinion masquerading as objective fact, and Tilton has no qualms about writing distorted stories and misleading propositions for the sole purpose of boosting his article exposure and exciting public opinion. For the most part, Tilton focuses on sensational crime stories, gossip-column type reports, the personal lives of celebrities and other so-called 'junk-food news'. Tilton has taken a personal interest in Gyl, particularly her involvement in the disappearance of several Arkham police officers. He has written several articles in the New York Daily News on the subject and has dogged Gyl for several months.

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