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Classic Call of Cthulhu Campaign


On this page, you will find details of the investigations of the campaign.

The Unnamable, May 1923

bishop house

Alfonso Antonelli, a junior member of the Arkham Historical Society, is asked by the Society curator, Mr. Lapham Peabody, to assist him in researching background on an infamous and secretive Arkham local by the name of William Bishop. Antonelli, with his close friends, Leah Gyl and Gertrude Heiferviezen, begins delving into the strange and furtive tales of a beast that allegedly haunts the house and surrounding area.

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Summer of 1923

bishop house

The Investigators try to come to grips with the horrors unveiled at the Bishop house. They also try to explain the disappearances of four missing Arkham police officers and avoid being arrested. Gyl finds herself targeted by a tabloid reporter bent on getting a juicy scoop.

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The Potter Clan, August 1923


An article in the Arkham Advertiser, which is picked up from the nearby Aylesbury Transcript comes to the attention of Leah Gyl. The article tells of a Dunwich man being arrested after a standoff with police. This bit of news intrigues Leah Gyl, who sees it as the backdrop for a new murder mystery to write.

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Next Adventure

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Lovecraftian Quotes "There are horrors beyond horrors, and this was one of those nuclei of all dreamable hideousness which the cosmos saves to blast an accursed and unhappy few."

H.P. Lovecraft, "The Shunned House"

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